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On Tue, Mar 14, 2023 at 06:34:54PM +0100, Gaël THEROND wrote:
> Hi everyone, I’ve got a quick question regarding one of our RadosGW bucket.
> This bucket is used to store docker registries, and the total amount of
> data we use is supposed to be 4.5Tb BUT it looks like ceph told us we
> rather use ~53Tb of data.
> One interesting thing is, this bucket seems to shard for unknown reason as
> it is supposed to be disabled by default, but even taking that into account
> we’re not supposed to see such a massive amount of additional data isn’t it?
> Here is the bucket stats of it:
At a glance, is versioning enabled?

And if so, are you pruning old versions?

Please share "radosgw-admin metadata get" for the bucket &

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