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On 12/06/2019 14:47, Sage Weil wrote:

> Which makes me wonder... do you all find this list to be useful?  IIRC 
> Patrick McGarry set this up a few years back as an invite-only list with 
> known large users (to him at the time, I presume).  Is it useful to be 
> able to discuss things separate from ceph-users?
> I worry it doesn't represent the *current* set of large users, and 
> probably the only way to do that is to make it an open list, which will 
> make it less distinct from ceph-users...

I thought the potential of a lower (but non-zero!) traffic list for
issues related to Ceph at scale (whatever that means) might be useful,
and might be easier to follow for busy people than ceph-users that gets
quite a lot of traffic.

It may not be well-enough known to be useful, though.



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