Re: Current RHEL fragmentation landscape

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On 21.07.2023 09:30, Lee Thomas Stephen wrote:
Because the general rule seems to be
Oh! You are an individual, we will offer you affordable/free service
What! You are a business, we will offer you extremely 'unaffordable' service.

this is ok, but the worse thing is:  students and teachers get affordable/free service

and other citizens had to pay unrealistic sums of money ...

Because being a 'business' by default means you have a 'lot' of money to waste.

(a) talking about money to waste is nonsense
(b) think of the fact that this way residents get something affordable, which is absolutely fair;
e.g. residents get 200 Mbit down/20 Mbit up unlimited for 30 dollars a month,
'business' has to pay for the same more than 100 dollars a month;

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