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Fwiw we pay for Google Workspace. I think there is a pricing issue though,
but I guess changing it would affect their income from their bigger

We just have 5 servers, and don't want any personal support. We'd be fine
to pay what we'd consider a reasonable fee I think. I contacted Redhat to
ask about their licensing and if we could fit somehow into it (i.e the
personal support & 16 machine type license), but they could never give us a
straight answer, so the implication was we couldn't be certain we weren't
breaking any t&cs. I also thought maybe they'd make an offer or something,
but never did. The costs are just too high for some people for what they
are offering.

The problem now, is what I think people are happy to pay for is trust,
which is gone. If we'd have known in advance, we'd have made other choices.


On Fri, Jul 21, 2023 at 8:31 AM Lee Thomas Stephen <lee.iitb@xxxxxxxxx>

> I subscribe (pay) for a lot of things personally. Music, Movies, Anti
> Virus, VPN, Storage, etc.
> But for my business, I do not want to pay Red Hat, Zimbra, or Google
> Workspace.
> Why ?
> Because the general rule seems to be
> Oh! You are an individual, we will offer you affordable/free service
> What! You are a business, we will offer you extremely 'unaffordable'
> service.
> Because being a 'business' by default means you have a 'lot' of money to
> waste.
> Just my two cents.
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