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It seems to rh/centos has removed the xen code from their kernels... I
was able to boot centos8 as domU but only with an elrepo kernel...
Look at elrepo kernel I think it should do as dom0 to...


Am 13.12.2019 13:41, schrieb Steven Haigh:
The latest bunch of test packages are available here:

Hopefully, as of a few hours ago, this set should actually install.

Currently, networking won't work as they require brctl - which isn't
in EL8. I've written patches for this, but they'll probably end up
being part of a cleanup of everything in /etc/xen/scripts/

Problem is, they're probably too late for the 4.13.0 release - so I'll
have to carry them myself for a while until they hit the git staging
area within Xen.

I don't have a kernel capable of being a Dom0 as yet - so that's still
at a roll your own or obtain elsewhere status.

The source for all this is here:

Yes, I take patches.

Steven Haigh

📧 netwiz@xxxxxxxxx     💻
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