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if you need someone to test the centos8 pkgs, Im interested :)


Am 13.12.2019 01:31, schrieb Steven Haigh:
On 2019-12-13 04:54, Kevin Stange wrote:
I don't want to burden Steven Haigh any, but I wonder if there's a way
we could combine some of our efforts to make both "Xen made easy!" and
the Virt SIG Xen easier to manage.

I've been thinking about this for a while. The problem has been the
workflows between myself and the SIG are so far apart, its hard to
look at how to merge them.

I have full CI between my own git and packages to the mirrors - which
is good, but has its down sides. I also don't have the restrictions of
the CentOS build system to deal with - which is great for my workflow

I'm prepping packages for CentOS 8 now - but its exposing quite a
number of problems around the main toolsets for Xen - and instead of
just adding my own patch and moving on (ala Fedora's Xen packages),
I'm trying to get fixes in upstream where possible.

My todo list currently includes:
1) Replace all #! that include env python to a specific python
version/binary. ie /usr/bin/python or /usr/bin/python3. The configure
portions of this are complete, but the scripts need to be altered to
have the detected python version populated.

2) There's no brctl in CentOS 8. The network scripts need to be
re-written to use 'ip' instead. To maintain compatibility, the network
scripts need to support both brctl and ip commands and use whichever
is present on the system.

3) UEFI support needs to be tested. The preferred UEFI boot method for
Dom0 is to use grub to then boot Xen - but this needs to be tested.

So while me moving to try and get these fixed upstream is great - it
should make everyone's job easier in the long term. Although I have
the same problem as the SIG - there's just not enough people to test /
patch stuff. The more we deep dive into 4.13, the further away I can
see the release happening :(
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