Re: could not uses introspect in obexd client for session or ftp from the root path.

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>>>Using this trick I was able to verify that the
>>>"/org/openobex/session0" node is being added to
>>>the bus, it is just not being added as a child of the "/" node, but in
>>>parallel to it.
>>Yes, I try it out. It a good tool, Thanks!
>>However, as you said, it will not recognize the node under "/", I am wondering,
>>is that because we do not provide the introspect info for child node , or just
>>the bad of this tool? So user who use d-feet still could not find our secret
>>interface :)
>Hi, I just try out /org/freedesktop/Hal, it also employ a set of child nodes
>under "/" path, however, d-feet can read them out correctly, So I guess, for
>obexd, the reason it do not work is because we do not provide the child node
>info in the "/"'s introspect method. Not the bad of d-feet tool

Really strange, Thanks for johan's help, I notice that bluez's introspect method work for the child node too, it can show the adapter's interface correctly. And the gdbus dir of bluez and obexd is almost the same! I have double check for several times, then why one is working while another don't? 


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