Re: Some bluez-gnome 1.2 bugs

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Hi Fabien,

> I just started to play recently with bluez 4.x.
> I found at least two very annoying bugs in the bluez-gnome-1.2 wizard:
>    - On my debian testing system,  the wizard does not allow me to enter
> the pin code. The pin code just gets displayed a fraction of second an
> then disappears. As a consequence the default 123456 pin code gets used
> and pairing fails.

I am working on improving the PIN handling way, but at the same time I
have to make sure that it works with Simple Pairing and in the most
simple way. It is not that easy.

Also for some devices the PIN code needs to be random instead of 123456.

>    - If i try to go back to the first wizard page where my bluetooth
> device is displayed, it is already selected. I have no way to go to the
> next page : the next button stays grey whatever i do. (screenshot attached).

Hold shift while selecting to unselect and then select again. I know
that this is broken.



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