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What that does it tell 'lilo' that when your system boots, it's
going to tell the kernel that serial=1,9600.

I don't know exactly if that's needed or not.  But if serial
support is compiled into the kernel, you will need to reboot
for the new settings to take effect.

Erm, I hope that helps.


>My documentation says I can put "serial=1,9600"
>in my lilo.conf file, and lilo will work through the serial port.
>But it doesn't work.
>Does it work for anybody else?
>It's not a big problem though, because there is a trick.
>I wrote my lilo.conf file, so I know exactly what it contains.
>I know what to type for the base (safe) kernel and the rebuilt
>(experimental) kernel -- I only need to know when to type.
>I adccomplish this by putting a control-g in the lilo message.
>When I hear the beep, I type, or take the default,
>and all is well.
>I just wondered if lilo/serial worked for anyone else.
>There's another interesting quirk about serial console,
>that will interest those who access Linux via the serial port.
>If you bring up a rescue disk, with your initrd on another floppy,
>and Linux asks you to "put in the initrd disk and hit return",
>this is always at the screen/keyboard, even if you've redirected console
>to a serial port.
>Worse still, the lilo input and the initrd disk prompt
>don't work at all when you try to redirect them.
>They don't work at the serial port (as mentioned above),
>and they don't work at the keyboard either.
>In other words, you're stuck.
>This may not hold for other versions of Linux/lilo,
>but that's what happened to me.
>I just wanted you to know, before you are forced
>to use a rescue disk with redirected console,
>or lilo "safe kernel" with redirected serial, only to find you cannot.
>The partition won't boot, and your backup procedure won't work either.
>To be safe, pre-test any backup procedures you have in place, as I did,
>to make sure they will work when needed.
>And if there are any issues,
>make sure lilo and your rescue disk are not redirected.
>A totally blind user can run lilo from the keyboard, as described above,
>and once you get into your rescue disk, with secondary initrd,
>you can always run  `sh -i <ttyS1 >ttyS1 2>&1',
>and you're back on the serial port, at least long enough to get things fixed.
>Karl Dahlke
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