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[quoted lines by Tom Goulet on January 19, 2000, at 22:46]

>What that does it tell 'lilo' that when your system boots, it's
>going to tell the kernel that serial=1,9600.

No, that's not what it does. It tells LILO to write its boot prompt to the
specified serial port, and to read the user's response to that prompt from that
serial port. N.B.: The boot prompt is also still written to the console, and
the response is also still read from the console.

If you have compiled serial console support into the kernel, and if you wish to
tell the kernel which serial port to use for the system console, then specify
the console= kernel boot option. You can do this via the "append" LILO
directive. For example, you can add a line like:


to the appropriate "image" section of "/etc/lilo.conf".

For complete details on serial console support, read the file

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