Lilo On The SErial Port

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My documentation says I can put "serial=1,9600"
in my lilo.conf file, and lilo will work through the serial port.
But it doesn't work.
Does it work for anybody else?

It's not a big problem though, because there is a trick.
I wrote my lilo.conf file, so I know exactly what it contains.
I know what to type for the base (safe) kernel and the rebuilt
(experimental) kernel -- I only need to know when to type.
I adccomplish this by putting a control-g in the lilo message.
When I hear the beep, I type, or take the default,
and all is well.
I just wondered if lilo/serial worked for anyone else.

There's another interesting quirk about serial console,
that will interest those who access Linux via the serial port.
If you bring up a rescue disk, with your initrd on another floppy,
and Linux asks you to "put in the initrd disk and hit return",
this is always at the screen/keyboard, even if you've redirected console
to a serial port.
Worse still, the lilo input and the initrd disk prompt
don't work at all when you try to redirect them.
They don't work at the serial port (as mentioned above),
and they don't work at the keyboard either.
In other words, you're stuck.

This may not hold for other versions of Linux/lilo,
but that's what happened to me.
I just wanted you to know, before you are forced
to use a rescue disk with redirected console,
or lilo "safe kernel" with redirected serial, only to find you cannot.
The partition won't boot, and your backup procedure won't work either.
To be safe, pre-test any backup procedures you have in place, as I did,
to make sure they will work when needed.
And if there are any issues,
make sure lilo and your rescue disk are not redirected.
A totally blind user can run lilo from the keyboard, as described above,
and once you get into your rescue disk, with secondary initrd,
you can always run  `sh -i <ttyS1 >ttyS1 2>&1',
and you're back on the serial port, at least long enough to get things fixed.

Karl Dahlke

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