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I haven't looked at SUN's work, possibly because I've never found SUN
to be particularly committed to open systems (though they've certainly
tried to counter many trends toward proprietary solutions). I'm afraid
I can't comment on their work, since I'm ignorant...

I need to disclose up front that although I've been documenting Unix
and programming languages and libraries for over 15 years, I can't 
claim to be up-to-date on things such as the Linux kernel (more the
province of my _Running Linux_ coauthor, Matt Welsh).  But I've been
dealing with portability issues in electronic documentation for 15 
years as well, and I'm an ardent supporter of structured documentation
solutions, particularly those based on Standard Generalized Markup
Language (SGML) which has been an ISO standard defined since 1986, and
extended to support nearly every conceivable medium through such 
standards as HyTime (providing hypertext and time-based rendering 
support).  So I have a strong bias.

And I also have to disclose that mostly all I can contribute at the 
moment is comments, since I'm wrapping up my last year of law school
and any time I spend here comes at the expense of my studies.  And
I can pull together some important resources if we can define what
we need to have Linux do in such a way that it can be presented as a
standard for OS interface support.


"The sum of all we drive at is that every man may enjoy the same rights that
are granted to others." -- John Locke, 1689, A Letter Concerning Toleration

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