Re: Development priorities (was Re: forwarded message from Jason White)

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I know I said I would not reply to you again but this mail was in my box
before I wrote that so here is my final one after all.  I can point at
problems with Emacspeak you can Point at problems with my methods.
We are just going to go round and round read the last message I posted the
fact is all systems should be given equal marit and no development of any
speech or braille system should be frowned on because that system may save
you in a clutch some day.

ken /whistler

On Fri, 19 Mar 1999, Jason White wrote:

> To raise an analogous problem: a DOS system starts by loading device
> drivers in config.sys and then executing commands from the autoexec.bat
> startup file. It doesn't keep a record of error messages that occur during
> the loading of device drivers, and often they do not remain on the screen
> for long enough to be read when, in autoexec.bat, a screen reader is
> loaded.
> By contrast, both Linux and Emacspeak maintain records of their error
> messages: Linux in a log file and Emacspeak in the *messages* buffer.
> Thus, once your auditory interface starts, you can read these records -- a
> situation which is significantly better than the DOS example outlined
> above.
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