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Your not the only one out here that is looking for the best option.  That
being all kinds of options!  I have kept quiet until now but here's my $.02
I want my braille and speech to come up before the monitor tube is worm
enough to show anybody anything.  In fact I would go so far to say that I
would like to build a kernel for Linux that doesn't even incorporate video
at all.  Just joking but you get my point.  I don't care what anyone says,
I should be able to have access to what ever is written on the screen when
it is written on the screen.  If this means you have to slow down the
booting process to check for error messages that's what you have to do.  If
video is able to run at the time of booting the kernel then both my braille
and speech should be there too. 

Now I realize that software speech isn't going to happen at this level but
if you want good speech you buy a hardware synth any ways.  

We should all be commending Kirk on all the work he is doing to make self
installations of Linux possible.  We need people to help him get more
synths supported.  Since he has this project going why don't some of you
hop on his list and help him out.  He is only currently supporting one
synth.  He wasn't able to use any of the emakspeak drivers and I don't know

I wish I could help more but I am not a programer.  I can certainly do
development work though.  


At 05:55 PM 3/18/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I know I said I would not reply to you again but this mail was in my box
>before I wrote that so here is my final one after all.  I can point at
>problems with Emacspeak you can Point at problems with my methods.
>We are just going to go round and round read the last message I posted the
>fact is all systems should be given equal marit and no development of any
>speech or braille system should be frowned on because that system may save
>you in a clutch some day.
>ken /whistler
>On Fri, 19 Mar 1999, Jason White wrote:
>> To raise an analogous problem: a DOS system starts by loading device
>> drivers in config.sys and then executing commands from the autoexec.bat
>> startup file. It doesn't keep a record of error messages that occur during
>> the loading of device drivers, and often they do not remain on the screen
>> for long enough to be read when, in autoexec.bat, a screen reader is
>> loaded.
>> By contrast, both Linux and Emacspeak maintain records of their error
>> messages: Linux in a log file and Emacspeak in the *messages* buffer.
>> Thus, once your auditory interface starts, you can read these records -- a
>> situation which is significantly better than the DOS example outlined
>> above.
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