Re: rtw88, rtw89 -- options for bringing a couple rtw standalone GitHub repos into backports.git

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> From: Luis Chamberlain <mcgrof@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Oct 31, 2023, 2:36:46 PM
> If you decide to give kdevops a shot to allow folks to test wifi
> devices easily
> I'm happy to give any tips / advice. PCIe passthrough is supported through


Yes, the plan is still kdevops for this.

At Linux Plumbers Conference, my main goals are:
1. Learn about kernel testing, debugging, and net/wireless.
2. Meet and get advice, tips from backports/wireless/kdevops folks.

I wanted to have kdevops set up in time for LPC so could I talk shop
better with other kdevops users, but figuring out how to get Larry's
most popular GitHub backport repos up-to-date took priority and I
stalled on the kdevops setup.

Right now I have a basic scripted QEMU setup that is a pain.

Good news is now that we have our ducks in a row with the gameplan for
using backports, I can jump back fully into testing workflow and
automation so we can start bumping up the release package versions that
work with rtw88/rtw89 to a more current stable. Larry thinks sticking to
stable will be better for the GitHub repos going forward with backports
instead of wireless-next like we were for the manual backports.

I will reach out on the kdevops channels as I go through it.


Brian Witte

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