Re: rtw88, rtw89 -- options for bringing a couple rtw standalone GitHub repos into backports.git

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On Tue, Oct 31, 2023 at 05:24:04PM +0100, Brian Witte wrote:
> What other testing do you recommend for a "new driver" besides testing
> "builds" as mentioned in docs [1] here in 'Adding new driver'?

Whatever this ends up being:

> I am working on test/automation for our new backports workflow so any
> insight you have would be helpful.

If you decide to give kdevops a shot to allow folks to test wifi devices easily
I'm happy to give any tips / advice. PCIe passthrough is supported through
'make dynconfig' so you could end up using that so to not crash a host. We're
using that to test new block devices with new filesystem developments.
The only issue we've run into when doing this is when a PCI device resets
the sysfs file changes on the host so PCI passthrough stops, working
around this manually is documented here:

How we fix this upstream for pcie passthrough remains unclear yet. For
wifi devices I am not sure what sort of things triggers full PCI device
resets, perhaps firmware crashes?


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