Re: Cross-compiling wifi driver on Android

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> Thank you very much.  That tip to follow the dependencies helped a lot.  
> I had been using "/" before, but just learned you can type the numbers 
> in parenthesis in the search results to jump to them. Saves a lot of time.

Hah, nice trick, I wasn't aware of that either :-)


> After working recursively through the dependencies for the backports 
> menuconfig option I wanted (RTL8192CU) I found out that CPTCFG_MAC80211 
> wasn't appearing as an option in backports because my target kernel did 
> not satisfy it's dependencies for CRYPTO_CCM, CRYPTO_GCM, and 
> CRYPTO_CMAC.  After enabling those on my target kernel, CPTCFG_MAC80211 
> appeared and I could enable everything in backports down to my desired 
> driver.

Ah, yes, I should've guessed that, but forgot that the driver needs
mac80211 at all. I had attempted to backport these (crypto) at some
point, but it's very tricky.

Glad you could sort it out :)

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