Re: Cross-compiling wifi driver on Android

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On Fri, 2017-12-01 at 16:44 -0800, Remington Furman wrote:

> That succeeds and shows me a menu.  However, '<M> USB Network
> Adapters ----' is an empty menu and the rtl8192cu driver I am
> after is not available.  Enabling CPTCFG_WLAN_VENDOR_REALTEK in
> 'make menuconfig' doesn't lead to any other options.

In menuconfig, hit "/" and search for (part of) the symbol you want
(e.g. "RTL8192"), and check the dependencies.

It really only has one though "depends on USB", which is weird. Check
it there.

> If I understand this page correctly, I need to first disable
> conflicting drivers in my target kernel .config before running
> 'make menuconfig' in backports.
> <>
> I've tried a number of target kernel configurations, but haven't
> found a combination that makes backports happy yet.  I've disable
> CONFIG_CFG80211 and CONFIG_WLAN, but no luck.

You don't want integration, so I think you can ignore that page.

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