Re: Cross-compiling wifi driver on Android

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Hi Johannes,

Thank you very much.  That tip to follow the dependencies helped a lot.  I had been using "/" before, but just learned you can type the numbers in parenthesis in the search results to jump to them. Saves a lot of time.

After working recursively through the dependencies for the backports menuconfig option I wanted (RTL8192CU) I found out that CPTCFG_MAC80211 wasn't appearing as an option in backports because my target kernel did not satisfy it's dependencies for CRYPTO_CCM, CRYPTO_GCM, and CRYPTO_CMAC.  After enabling those on my target kernel, CPTCFG_MAC80211 appeared and I could enable everything in backports down to my desired driver.

Thanks again.  I'll let you know when I'm able to get the new drivers loaded on my target next week.



On 12/02/2017 12:08 AM, Johannes Berg wrote:
On Fri, 2017-12-01 at 16:44 -0800, Remington Furman wrote:

That succeeds and shows me a menu.  However, '<M> USB Network
Adapters ----' is an empty menu and the rtl8192cu driver I am
after is not available.  Enabling CPTCFG_WLAN_VENDOR_REALTEK in
'make menuconfig' doesn't lead to any other options.
In menuconfig, hit "/" and search for (part of) the symbol you want
(e.g. "RTL8192"), and check the dependencies.

It really only has one though "depends on USB", which is weird. Check
it there.

If I understand this page correctly, I need to first disable
conflicting drivers in my target kernel .config before running
'make menuconfig' in backports.
I've tried a number of target kernel configurations, but haven't
found a combination that makes backports happy yet.  I've disable
CONFIG_CFG80211 and CONFIG_WLAN, but no luck.
You don't want integration, so I think you can ignore that page.


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