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Hi Johannes and Julia,

Wow, you two are great.  Thank you for the quick response.  More
notes below, including another spatch error after downgrading to
spatch 1.0.4.

On 12/01/2017 12:27 AM, Johannes Berg wrote:
> +cocci list
> Hi,
> Looks like you made a really deep investigation here - awesome, thanks
> for doing that!

It's the least I could do, considering the work you've put in
before me.

> On Thu, 2017-11-30 at 21:43 -0800, Remington Furman wrote:
>> Full log using genl-const.cocci
>> init_defs_builtins: /usr/local/bin/../lib/coccinelle/standard.h
>> meta: parse error:
>>    File "./patches/0027-genl-const/genl-const.cocci", line 2, column 10,
>> charpos = 13
>>    around = '__genl_const',
>>    whole content = attribute __genl_const;
>> [...snip callstack...]
> FWIW, the patch is pretty simple:
> @@
> attribute __genl_const;
> @@
> (
> -const struct genl_multicast_group
> +__genl_const struct genl_multicast_group
> |
> -const struct genl_ops
> +__genl_const struct genl_ops
> )
> (yes, that's the full patch)

I had considered trying to manually apply the patch, but didn't
know what files it would touch, or if spatch would fail on other
patches later on.

>> This is very similar to this problem:
>> <>
>> The conclusion of that thread is that the --integrate workflow is
>> no longer supported.
>> However, I am not using --integrate, and I am still getting
>> errors about parsing '__genl_const'.
> Yeah this --integrate is unrelated to the problem - the problem is that
> spatch can't parse this patch (any more).
>> Is that a bug in the patch
>> or possibly a regression in spatch?
> I think it's a regression in spatch.

Ok, I'm glad Julia confirmed that the behavior changed between

>> I've tried v4.14-rc2 also,
>> but nothing older.
> That's a kernel version so not really relevant - spatch doesn't even
> attempt to apply the changes since it can't parse them.
>> This page has a lot of great example info, and suggested that it
>> could be a problem with my version of spatch. Specifically, that
>> I was missing the menhir and libmenhir-ocaml-dev packages when
>> building Coccinelle and a rebuild should help.
>> <>
> That I don't know - I've never built spatch myself.

If I remember correctly, I had to because the version in my package
manager was only 1.0.0-rc19, and that was too old for the backports
tag I checked out.  So, I chose the latest release in git.

>> Unfortunately, I still have the same errors after running make
>> distclean and rebuilding.
>> I have:
>> coccinelle $ git describe --tags
>> 1.0.6-365-gd73c6e6
>> coccinelle $ spatch --version
>> spatch version 1.0.6-00365-gd73c6e6 compiled with OCaml version 4.01.0
>> Flags passed to the configure script: [none]
>> OCaml scripting support: yes
>> Python scripting support: yes
>> Syntax of regular expresssions: PCRE
> That seems reasonable as far as configuration is concerned.
>> I found this patch which describes how older versions can't
>> handle the __genl_const changes (20150209):
>> <>
>> But, I also see commit 748116c8 from shortly after (20150507)
>> which introduced genl-const.cocci and says only spatch 1.0.0-rc23
>> is needed.
> Right.
>> I feel like I'm close to figuring this out, but would appreciate
>> any help or pointers.
> Yeah I think you're pretty close.
> Can you try obtaining/building spatch 1.0.4? That definitely works for
> me, so I think there's probably a regression in spatch somewhere
> between 1.0.4 and the version that you're running.
> johannes

Ok, I've rebuilt with 1.0.4, and it applied genl-const.cocci just
fine.  But, later on my CPU was held at 100% for 29 minutes:

Applying SmPL patch 0079-netdev-destructor.cocci
[...waited 29 minutes...]
^CTraceback (most recent call last):
  File "./", line 1107, in <module>
    ret = _main()
  File "./", line 724, in _main
  File "./", line 906, in process
    failure = apply_patches(args, "backport", source_dir, 'patches', bpid.target_dir, logwrite)
  File "./", line 601, in apply_patches
    output = sprocess.communicate()[0]
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 791, in communicate
    stdout = _eintr_retry_call(
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 476, in _eintr_retry_call
    return func(*args)

Any ideas there?  Perhaps I will try another release version of
spatch and report back.  Or I will update the genl-const.cocci
patch and try the latest spatch release again.

Thank you,

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