Re: WebSockets don't work properly after upgrading from 14.7.5 to 15.2.1

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I don't see any errors as such in the two cases (1. Asterisk writes websokcet events, 2. Asterisk doesn't write any events) other than :

devicestate.c: No provider found, checking channel drivers for SIP -
chan_sip.c: Checking device state for peer
devicestate.c: Changing state for SIP/ - state 4 (Invalid)

These are common in both the scenarios, so I don't think this should be an issue unless when in the flow this happens is a problem. I have not looked into the code yet to see what these log lines actually mean. Doing that now.

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On Thu, Feb 22, 2018, at 1:52 PM, Gaurav Khurana wrote:
> Thanks! I tried using tcpdump and found that in the case when things 
> are stuck, i.e. I don’t see any requests reaching my application there 
> are actually no packets being issued from Asterisk.
> In one of my attempts, I observed that the first call went through fine. 
> And, then suddenly Asterisk stopped sending any more events over the 
> web socket. Seems like Asterisk is getting into some weird state.

I haven't seen any reports for this. One thing substantial that was changed is the underlying TCP/TLS layer went through a rewrite contributed by a community member. It's possible there's a bug in there causing it. I'd suggest turning up debug (debug in logger.conf and core set debug 9) and seeing if the messages about putting the events out appear. If so then it's likely the TCP/TLS layer.

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