Re: WebSockets don't work properly after upgrading from 14.7.5 to 15.2.1

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Thanks! I tried using tcpdump and found that in the case when things are stuck, i.e. I don’t see any requests reaching my application there are actually no packets being issued from Asterisk.

In one of my attempts, I observed that the first call went through fine. And, then suddenly Asterisk stopped sending any more events over the web socket. Seems like Asterisk is getting into some weird state.


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I'd do some ngrep or something to check if the network traffic is flowing to start with.

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Hey all,


Did anyone else face the same issue or might know what is happening?


My application talks to Asteirsk over ARI. Everything worked perfectly with 14.7.5. But, when I upgraded Asterisk to 15.2.1, even though the web socket connection seems to have happened, the events like (ChannelCreated, etc) fail to reach my Application. This happens intermittently, i.e. sometimes when I start Asterisk and connect my application it works fine and sometimes it doesn’t.


Any ideas?




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