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Le 2016-01-06 08:33, Joshua Colp a écrit :
>> Ok so this event
>> doesn't exist at all ?
> If you are subscribed to an endpoint you should (I haven't tested it)
> see it as channels are created in relation to the endpoint. It won't
> show up for origination though.

Ok i haven't tested, but thank for the idea !

>> I have a use case where this event would be interesting. I did a video
>> to show you, but when i received a call in a incoming bridge, it's
>> possible for the operator to click for getting this call. I want to show
>> him that his phone ringing. I did it, but i was simulating this event.
> I don't understand how the event helps. Does it just make it easier in
> your implementation?

Yes, because for me an update and a creation of channel is very
different ;). It's more simple to have this mecanism everywhere and
clearly it can help.

I found another problem for me on originate, the cancelation, there is
no event if you cancel the originate with the phone (like hangup the call)

Asterisk originate via ARI ----- A ring (no event)
A cancel before answer (no event too)

I haven't check with AMI.

Thank you!

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