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Sylvain Boily wrote:

When i do a POST on channel ARI API (originate) i can't receive an event
like ChannelCreated, i only received an update event. (cf. my exemple)

"application": "callcontrol",
"channel": {
"accountcode": "",
"caller": {
"name": "Sylvain Boily",
"number": "8000"
"connected": {
"name": "",
"number": ""
"creationtime": "2016-01-05T18:09:42.917-0500",
"dialplan": {
"context": "default",
"exten": "",
"priority": 1
"id": "1452035382.209",
"language": "fr_FR",
"name": "SIP/9smmmi-00000057",
"state": "Ringing"
"timestamp": "2016-01-05T18:09:42.956-0500",
"type": "ChannelStateChange"

Is it a desired behavior ?

Yes, while ChannelCreated was originally documented there was no way you would ever receive it so it was removed. Instead you receive back a snapshot of the channel when originating. You also have the ability to specify a uniqueid when creating channels so you can immediately associate events you may receive before your POST returns to the channel you are originating.


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