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Le 2016-01-06 07:15, Joshua Colp a écrit :
Sylvain Boily wrote:

When i do a POST on channel ARI API (originate) i can't receive an event
like ChannelCreated, i only received an update event. (cf. my exemple)

"application": "callcontrol",
"channel": {
"accountcode": "",
"caller": {
"name": "Sylvain Boily",
"number": "8000"
"connected": {
"name": "",
"number": ""
"creationtime": "2016-01-05T18:09:42.917-0500",
"dialplan": {
"context": "default",
"exten": "",
"priority": 1
"id": "1452035382.209",
"language": "fr_FR",
"name": "SIP/9smmmi-00000057",
"state": "Ringing"
"timestamp": "2016-01-05T18:09:42.956-0500",
"type": "ChannelStateChange"

Is it a desired behavior ?

Yes, while ChannelCreated was originally documented there was no way you would ever receive it so it was removed. Instead you receive back a snapshot of the channel when originating. You also have the ability to specify a uniqueid when creating channels so you can immediately associate events you may receive before your POST returns to the channel you are originating.

Ok so this event doesn't exist at all ?

I have a use case where this event would be interesting. I did a video to show you, but when i received a call in a incoming bridge, it's possible for the operator to click for getting this call. I want to show him that his phone ringing. I did it, but i was simulating this event.

To see the demo :


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