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Greetings all,

While not directly related to ARI, I do have a question that I am
looking for feedback on.

As it stands today, we have a queue.member.update event for our
payload (queue application), it looks like the following:

'queue.member.update': {
  'created_at': '2014-12-17T12:40:46Z',
  'number': 1000@xxxxxxxxxxx',
  'paused': False,
  'paused_at: '2014-12-17T12:40:46Z',
  'queue_id': 'cc096e0b-0c96-4b8b-b812-ef456f361ee3',
  'status': 1,
  'status_at': '2014-12-17T16:51:08Z',
  'uuid': '45e536ca-3163-48c1-841b-b7260d429b6b,

Basically, we fire off the event any time a queue.member changes For
example, pause / unpause, ringing (they are accepting a call), etc.

The status field closely resembles what asterisk uses to day: ready,
oncall, busy, unknown, etc.

Now, once thing asterisk does not do well about is from the callers
POV.  So, we are now in the process of create a new event to handle
it.  Like you guessed we'll be calling it queue.caller.update and it
will look something like the following:

'queue.caller.update': {
  'created_at': '2014-12-17T17:09:15Z,
  'number': 6135551234@xxxxxxxxxxx',
  'queue_id': 'cc096e0b-0c96-4b8b-b812-ef456f361ee3',
  'status': 1,
  'status_at': '2014-12-17T17:09:15Z,
  'uuid': '25f8adfa-46ca-4cfd-a6ba-dbb6fab2c26f,

This is where feedback is required, mostly from people who are running
reports.  What do you want status to represent for a queue.caller?  As
most I can think of the following:

- waiting (they joined the queue and waiting to be connected)
- connected (talking to somebody)
- onhold (places on hold by queue.member?)

even that list might be long.  We could change the state when the are
hearing a queue message being played, but again, not sure.

Adding different status is pretty easy right now, I mostly just wanted
to see what people wanted for a queue.caller status.

Paul Belanger | PolyBeacon, Inc.
Jabber: paul.belanger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx | IRC: pabelanger (Freenode)
Github: https://github.com/pabelanger | Twitter: https://twitter.com/pabelanger

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