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Hi All,

I've been looking for information on how to use asterisk and early media to allow for a video-preview of the caller at the callee's phone for days... but I haven't been too successful :(

I found that there seems to be a company "2N Helios IP" which claims (youtube-video) that "their" SIP server is able to provide early video (using a Grandstream 3157v2 with "preview" enabled), but I would like to have this with asterisk...

I'm currently using asterisk 12.2.x.
I tried with all kinds of combinations of "prematuremedia" and "progressinband" in sip.conf and many different dialplan-extension-"scripts" but to no avail...

sniffing with wireshark shows me, that the caller (doorstation) is sending H.264 video but the RTP video stream is not passed on to the callee by asterisk. (establishing a direct-video - without preview - call does work of course)

is it at all possible with a default asterisk installation? maybe using chan_pjsip instead of chan_sip?

do the "prematuremedia" and "progressinband" properties only apply to audio and not to video?

I think this feature is essential for a sip-device which is used as a door-station...

any information / idea is highly appreciated!

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