Re: Rename ChannelUserevent to Userevent in ARI?

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On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 11:21 AM, Leif Madsen
<lmadsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I wholeheartedly agree with Dan and Paul here. Asterisk 12 should be
> considered a development release that can change within minor versions in
> order to be as feature and API complete as possible for the next LTS.
> If this isn't the intention of the standard releases then my understanding
> of the discussions around them at AstriDevCon was mistaken.

To clarify: my issue is with renaming the event, and only with that.

While Asterisk 12 is a Standard release, that doesn't change the fact
that ARI was released in this version - and this is still a released
version of Asterisk. The guidelines for what can be proposed for a
change in this version of Asterisk are up on the wiki [1] - and while
those guidelines are fairly loose and do not explicitly say "no
breaking changes", it isn't a free for all. Disregarding Asterisk 12,
in any version of Asterisk - future or released - we shouldn't
introduce a breaking change on a whim.

To compound this, ARI follows semantic versioning [2]. A backwards
incompatible change would mean that we would bump ARI to 2.0.0. While
I agree that the event name was chosen poorly, changing the name of an
event mid-stream is pedantic. It isn't strictly necessary. If we're
going to bump something to 2.0.0, I'd rather it be for a much more
sweeping and important reason than "I don't like the name of this

Let's try to come up with another approach here, one that doesn't
require a backwards incompatible change.


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