Re: configure adds -std=gnu++11 to CXX variable

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On Wed, May 29, 2024 at 1:34 PM Tom Tromey <tom@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >>>>> "Jason" == Jason Merrill <jason@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Jason> Thanks, though I don't think all that code needs to go;
> Jason> AC_PROG_CXX_STDCXX_EDITION_TRY still looks useful for a project that
> Jason> relies on features from a particular standard.  We just don't want
> Jason> AC_PROG_CXX to invoke it.
> I didn't read the macro but there's also config/ax_cxx_compile_stdcxx.m4.
> gdb uses this to make sure C++17 is available.

Good point, that's what GCC uses as well.


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