Re: configure adds -std=gnu++11 to CXX variable

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On 2024-05-28 01:20, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
I am not aware of any distro ever changing the default -std setting for g++
or clang++. Are you attempting to solve a non-problem, but introducing new

If it's a non-problem for C++, why does Autoconf upgrade to C++11 when the default is C++98? Autoconf has done so since Autoconf 2.70 (2020), with nobody complaining as far as I know.

Was the Autoconf 2.70 change done so late that it had no practical effect, because no distro was defaulting to C++98 any more? If so, it sounds like Autoconf should go back to its 2.69 behavior and not mess with the C++ version as that's more likely to hurt than help.

For background on that Autoconf 2.70 change, see this 2013 thread:

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