Re: How to monitor domains in regards steal time and other important metrics (VIR_DOMAIN_STATS_VCPU) ?

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Hey Guy,

On 19.01.24 13:05, Guy Godfroy wrote:
Also I wanted to talk a bit about the features of your exporter, maybe this discussion should be held elsewhere, let me know.
You proposed the prometheus-community to adopt you exporter, which is a super cool idea. But IMHO before that you should have or plan to expose a bit more metrics.
The metric list in the README contains only domain related metrics. Other exporters like tinkoff (the one I'm using) expose a bit more, I know there are metrics about pools at least. Do you plan to include more metrics in the future (volumes, volume pools, networks...)? I can understand if you need only domain related metrics but I think the other metrics should be there if this become a kinda official exporter for libvirt.

Please kindly raise an issue on GitHub [1] about this and kindly include as much detail as you can. E.g. the metric names other exporters expose and maybe some examples of how they look like for you).
If there are metrics which can be easily added I don't see much of an issue doing so.

We now released a new version with some metrics about storage pools, see
If you have more ideas / requirements, please kindly raise an issue on GitHub


In any case, I hope you give this exporter a try :-)



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