Re: How to monitor domains in regards steal time and other important metrics (VIR_DOMAIN_STATS_VCPU) ?

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Hallo Pavel!

On 29.01.24 15:06, Pavel Hrdina wrote:
Libvirt exposes per VCPU stats for domains via [6]. I'd like to be able to
export those via the exporter.
One important metric to me would be things like the steal time
(vcpu.<num>.delay), to determine is domains are starting to get cut short or
even starve
on cpu time. Apparently those metrics are / cannot be expose anymore since
the switch to CGroupsV2? Reading [7] or [8] others seem to have run into
I just tested that upstream libvirt on system with cgroups v2 reports
vcpu.<num>.delay as this stat is not taken from cgroups at all, we use
`/proc` for it.

The stats you are asking for can be obtained using the libvirt API
virConnectGetAllDomainStats [10].

The bugs you mentioned are talking about different stat, it affects
different API virDomainGetCPUStats [11].

Is this actually still the case, even for more recent kernels? If so, I am
wondering if there is an issue being tracked to implement this
As far as I know it is still the case there is no replacement for
cpuacct.usage_percpu in cgroups v2, but that should not affect the data
you seem to be consuming from libvirt.

Thanks for your time and the helpful answers to my questions!

We have now implemented this into the prometheus-libvirt-exporter and released version 1.5.1 containing those (and other) new metrics:



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