Re: all domains paused, maybe logging might be helpfull

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On 1/4/24 09:48, Lennart Fricke via Users wrote:
> Hello,
> I just hit the situation that all domains on a host where paused due to
> missing space. It took me some time to figure out that there was no
> space left for the images on the host. I learned that 'virsh domstate
> --reason $GUEST' and 'domblkerror $GUEST' could have helped me. But the
> logs are silent about the problem.
> Would it be possible to show these problems in logs or is there other
> documentation than the reference to find out how to troubleshoot those
> issues?

I understand your frustration. And libvirt does indeed produce a message
into logs, but it's only a debug message:

  VIR_DEBUG("Transitioned guest %s to paused state due to IO error", vm->def->name);


There are other events, where libvirt may pause guest (just look for 'to
paused state' within the file). All of these could be VIR_WARN() which
in default setting makes it into a log file (or log service), whereas
VIR_DEBUG() doesn't.

Care to post a patch or can I do it?

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