Re: Enabling libiscsi with libvirt on Rocky 9

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On 11/20/23 21:34, will.gorman@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I am running into a problem attaching an iscsi disk to a VM in libvirt using "virsh attach-device" on Rocky 9 with the following error:  "unable to execute QEMU command 'blockdev-add': Unknown driver 'iscsi'".   I've found some indications that libiscsi is being removed from RHEL 9, like but it's not clear to me what alternatives might be available for libvirt users that depend on the libiscsi-based block device driver.
> Are there alternate packages that can be installed to re-enable the iscsi block device driver for qemu on RHEL 9 based systems?  Or would it be necessary to rebuild libvirt/qemu to get this block device driver to work again?

Libvirt upstream can't really help here. I suggest you ask your distro
maintainers. They are the ones making decisions which features to enable
and disable.

Otherwise, rebuilding package on your own is your only option.

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