Enabling libiscsi with libvirt on Rocky 9

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I am running into a problem attaching an iscsi disk to a VM in libvirt using "virsh attach-device" on Rocky 9 with the following error:  "unable to execute QEMU command 'blockdev-add': Unknown driver 'iscsi'".   I've found some indications that libiscsi is being removed from RHEL 9, like https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1967133 but it's not clear to me what alternatives might be available for libvirt users that depend on the libiscsi-based block device driver.

Are there alternate packages that can be installed to re-enable the iscsi block device driver for qemu on RHEL 9 based systems?  Or would it be necessary to rebuild libvirt/qemu to get this block device driver to work again?

Will Gorman
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