Cron jobs not working with virsh commands

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Recently, while testing backup scripts, I happened to notice that 'virsh snaphot-create-as . . .' has been failing with 'error: failed to get domain '$DOMAIN'' when run through crontab. So I've been unwittingly backing up the live, running, QCOW2 images for quite some time because scripts which run fine when testing from CLI, fail to work as expected when run as a cron job.

After much searching, I stumbled upon a related issue with the (obvious?) simple solution almost hidden in the answers. You have to explicitly connect to the local server with, e.g.:

virsh -c qemu:///system snapshot-create-as . . .

Humble apologies if I missed something I should have been aware of, but I just thought it worthwhile mentioning here for anyone else searching for an answer in the archives.

Best regards,


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