Re: Cron jobs not working with virsh commands

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On Fri, May 26, 2023 at 12:30:18PM +0200, Jeff Brown wrote:
> Recently, while testing backup scripts, I happened to notice that 'virsh
> snaphot-create-as . . .' has been failing with 'error: failed to get domain
> '$DOMAIN'' when run through crontab. So I've been unwittingly backing up the
> live, running, QCOW2 images for quite some time because scripts which run
> fine when testing from CLI, fail to work as expected when run as a cron job.
> After much searching, I stumbled upon a related issue with the (obvious?)
> simple solution almost hidden in the answers. You have to explicitly connect
> to the local server with, e.g.:
> virsh -c qemu:///system snapshot-create-as . . .
> Humble apologies if I missed something I should have been aware of, but I
> just thought it worthwhile mentioning here for anyone else searching for an
> answer in the archives.

If you don't specify a URI, then libvirt attempts to guess one based
on what's installed, what's running and what user you're running the
command as.

Assuming libvirt qemu driver is installed & running, the latter point
will be where you hit the problem

Running as 'root' libvirt defaults to qemu:///system.

Running as any non-root account, it defaults to qemu:///session

Some more info here:

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