fails to start @boot - service-start-limit-hit

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Hi guys.

When I login to the system I find:

  UNIT                    LOAD   ACTIVE SUB    DESCRIPTION                         
● virtproxyd.service      loaded failed failed Virtualization daemon               
● virtproxyd-admin.socket loaded failed failed Libvirt proxy admin socket
● virtproxyd-ro.socket    loaded failed failed Libvirt proxy local read-only socket
● virtproxyd-tls.socket   loaded failed failed Libvirt proxy TLS IP socket
● virtproxyd.socket       loaded failed failed Libvirt proxy local socket

only '
virtproxyd-tls.socket' is enabled

 -> $ journalctl -l -o cat -u virtproxyd-tls.socket
virtproxyd-tls.socket: Failed with result 'service-start-limit-hit'.
Closed Libvirt proxy TLS IP socket.

But any use of 'virtproxyd-tls.socket' from that point on, is successful - VM migrates to/from okey.

I think pcs/pacemaker cluster plays a role in it for it must be - I'm guessing - trying to migrate a single VM back to booting-up node, though..
'' is told to 'After=virtproxyd-tls.socket', among other 'after' bits.
To confirm this suspicion - I put the node into 'standby' then I reboot and I get none of those failures mentioned above.

& to make it an utterly curious test case - all these 'failures' only started after the node was remove from IPA domain !
If I make the node again a client/member of IPA (same as before) domain then - standby or not - all those services above fail @boot no more!

I'd be very glad to read suggestions/thoughts you can share.
many thanks, L.

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