Re: Invalid value '-1' for 'cpu.max': Invalid argument - a result of?

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On 16/05/2023 14:14, Michal Prívozník wrote:
On 5/15/23 15:35, lejeczek wrote:

On 15/05/2023 12:06, Michal Prívozník wrote:
On 5/14/23 07:35, lejeczek wrote:
Hi guys.

In hope that an expert read this - what is, can be, the below a
result of?

12284 still running (86040)
Invalid value '-1' for 'cpu.max': Invalid argument
This looks like a string coming from libvirt. When setting CGroups, from
virCgroupSetValueRaw() which seems to be called (transitively) from

12284 still running (86035)
12284 still running (86030)
This string doesn't appear in our code base.

this is a snippet from libvirtd logs which is a consequence of what
ovirt's engine setup is doing.
To troubleshoot ansible playbooks which is what engine setup does, as I
understand it, would be an impossible task for me so I reckoned I should
try this end.

If you don't provide more context from the log I don't think we can help
you, sorry. If there isn't more context (which I doubt, because at least
common log line prefix was stripped) then set up debug logs, paste them
somewhere and provide us with the link.


I think it might be here or related:
Yep, looks like it's the same bug. It's supposed to be fixed in
libvirt-9.0.0-2 rpm OR libvirt-9.1.0 upstream. What's your libvirt version?

This should be reproducible easily I'd think as comes from widely - as I
understand - used VM management platform.
This is oVirt self hosted engine setup in a kvm-vm for which VM
bare-metal host is Centos 9 Stream with everything up-to-dayte off the
distro repos.
I'd imagine if you/anybody were to try to deploy current-stable oVirt
node and attempted to deploy hosted engine - will hit this very
Unfortunately, I don't have a setup for running oVirt, nor I intent to
create one, sorry.


hmm, I've decommissioned that test-lab, whichever version is there in oVirt stable... I might try again later. ps. it does not take up much off the underlying hardware - as a VM, a few gigs and few cores.

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