Re: Invalid value '-1' for 'cpu.max': Invalid argument - a result of?

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On 5/14/23 07:35, lejeczek wrote:
> Hi guys.
> In hope that an expert read this - what is, can be, the below a result of?
> 12284 still running (86040)
> Invalid value '-1' for 'cpu.max': Invalid argument

This looks like a string coming from libvirt. When setting CGroups, from
virCgroupSetValueRaw() which seems to be called (transitively) from

> 12284 still running (86035)
> 12284 still running (86030)

This string doesn't appear in our code base.

> this is a snippet from libvirtd logs which is a consequence of what
> ovirt's engine setup is doing.
> To troubleshoot ansible playbooks which is what engine setup does, as I
> understand it, would be an impossible task for me so I reckoned I should
> try this end.

If you don't provide more context from the log I don't think we can help
you, sorry. If there isn't more context (which I doubt, because at least
common log line prefix was stripped) then set up debug logs, paste them
somewhere and provide us with the link.


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