Re: Windows Guest on KVM running "single core" after windows update

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On 5/10/23 8:13 AM, Daniel P. Berrangé wrote:
On Tue, May 09, 2023 at 02:00:25PM -0500, Benjammin2068 wrote:
I will say one thing that I noticed is: when giving the guest 8 cores
and not setting the topology, windows device manager shows 8 CPUs but
the task manager only shows 2. Feh. Windows.
Historically, if you did NOT specify topology then QEMU would
defaults to sockets==nCPUs, cores==1, threads=1.

Since QEMU 6.2, new machine types for x86 will prefer cores,
IOW, if you don't specify topology then QEMU would give you
sockets=1, cores=nCPUs, threads=1

The rationale for this is that it matches common physical
hardware. It is rare to see an x86 machine with 32 sockets,
and 1 core, but "commonplace" to see 1 sockets and 32 cores.
Many OS have also had/have dubious licensing logic that would
refuse to use > 1 sockets, but happily use > 1 cores, so
defaulting to cores makes it more likely guest OS would avoid
hitting licensing caps.

Still none of it explains why a guest OS upgrade would suddenly
cease to use all CPUs that it previously had

Yea - it was weird.

I tried all sorts of combinations... some to match the config (20 overall threads) and some to be less or more or a different CPU callout. (normally broadwell, but then also tried app|hypervisor default)

And I shouldn't say the other cores had 0... but it's like the task dispatch (if you want to call it that) broke.

I dunno.

I'll keep messing with it I guess.

Annoying and weird.

I blame Windows. :P

Thanks to everyone for chiming in. T'was wondering if anyone else saw this since the Windows update that happened last week (when this probably started).



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