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Den 2023-04-06 kl. 15:50, skrev Peter Krempa:
Huh, that is weird. Both images seem to be qcow2v3 so it's weird that
the code reaches the assertion.

I think at this point you should report an issue with qemu:

or report it on theqemu-block@xxxxxxxxxx  mailing list

You'll be asked for what operations lead to the failure so please make
sure to collect the libvirt debug log as I've requested.

I can help the qemu team to analyze it so make sure to mention me (or my
gitlab handle '') on the issue.

Okay, thanks I'll do that!

I'm however afraid it can be difficult to reliably reproduce the bug as I have over 300 machines running a daily backup job and every morning 1-2 machines crashes like this. After the crash you can boot it up again and run a backup job without issues. I have not found any patterns, a machine that have been running untouched for months can suddenly crash like this.

Nevertheless I'll enable debug logs globally and create a bug report once I have some data.

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