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The reason given is shut off (crashed).

So something virsh backup-begin does is causing he guest to crash?

Den 2023-04-04 kl. 16:58, skrev Peter Krempa:
On Tue, Apr 04, 2023 at 16:28:18 +0200, André Malm wrote:

For some vms the virsh backup-begin sometimes shuts off the vm and returns
"error: operation failed: domain is not running" although it was clearly in
state running (or paused).

Is the idea that you should guest-fsfreeze-freeze / virsh suspend before
virsh backup-begin? I have tried with both with the same results.
Freezing the guest filesystems is a good idea to increase the data
consistency of the backup, but is not necessary. Nor it should have any
influence on the lifecycle of the VM.

What could be causing the machine to shut off?
The VM most likely crashed, or was turned off in a different way.

Try running

  virsh domstate --reason $VMNAME

to see what the reason for the current state is.

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