Re: ACLs problem on /dev/kvm

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On 2/21/23 09:47, Sánta, Márton (ext) wrote:
> Dear All,
> I have started to work with libvirt a few weeks ago, but I have some
> problem with starting a virtual machine. Currently, I am using an
> *embedded arm64 device* with a *Linux* built with *Yocto*. I managed to
> install *lbvirt 8.1.0* in the image and I have a *qemu user* and *qemu
> and kvm groups *in the system. I am using *KVM hypervisor* and I did the
> configuration in the *qemu.conf* and *libvirtd.conf* files, enabled all
> the sockets and services in the system. The xml based definition of the
> virtual machine is simple, but when I try to start it I get the error
> message: *Failed to start domain ’XYZ’* and *Unable to set ACLs on
> /dev/kvm: Invalid argument*. I cannot set ACLs on the /dev/kvm (owner is
> /root/, group is /kvm/ but I have also tried to set it /root:root/) with
> the /setfacl /command, but I gave /rwx/ access to user, group and others
> as well so everybody can use the device. I also uncommented the relevant
> lines in the /qemu.conf/ file (/cgroup_controllers = …/ and
> /cgroup_device_acl = …/) and I also found that /devices/ controller is
> already mounted at //sys/fs/cgroup/devices/. Can anybody help me with
> this issue? Did Anybody have similar problem? I can start a virtual
> machine with *qemu-system-aarch64*, but I would like to use the libvirt
> library to manage the machines.
> Thank you in advance for an early reply.

This is a namespace issue. Basically, when starting a guest (or domain
as we call it), libvirt creates a private /dev for it. It's using mount
namespace to create a private mount table to replace the original /dev,
hence the name of the feature. And this private /dev is populated with
only a handful of nodes (some basic ones, like /dev/zero, /dev/null, ...
and those which are configured in domain XML). Each individual node is
created as an exact copy of the original /dev, including ACL entries. If
you understand C a bit you can see the function that's responsible for
creating the nodes here [1].

Now, there used to be a bug, where libvirt tried to set ACLs even though
the corresponding file had none. It was fixed by the following commit
[2]. unfortunately, the commit is part of newer libvirt than what you
have: v8.8.0.

There is a workaround though: you can disable this namespace feature by
setting the following in /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf:

  namespaces = []




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