libvirt and Ledger Nano or hotswappable single USB port with virt-manager - almost there?

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I am holding off on a full VFIO system (with a host just used for hosting and main hardware forwarded) until after a build a new PC for the coming generation of graphics cards but I have started using virt-manager to partition my workspaces.

My host is Ubuntu 20.04 running QEMU v 5.0 on and Intel i5-4690K CPU and GA-Z97X-Gaming 5 motherboard. Guest is Debian 11.

I am trying to solve the issue of how the Ledger Nano X changes its product ID when using different applications. Unfortunately all ports seem to be in the same IOMMU group so I cannot just forward a controller. I have learned that although my temporary fallback Virtualbox allows forwarding by vendor ID without a product ID, and I have seen some libvirt references to this, including mention of a patch that apparently should have been implemented I have not been able to make it work:

Detail on on my comprehensive hotplugger attempts to forward a single port here.

Can you please tell me if there is some way I can edit either my debian.xml or how hotplugger interacts with the socket so that I can forward a single port that is hotswapable and/or so that Ledger Nano X will stay visible on the guest even after it changes product ID?



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