Storage Pool - NFS v4.1

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In order to use pNFS which is only available in NFS version 4.1, I'm trying to create a netfs storage pool specifying the protocol version to be used :

<pool type="netfs">
    <format type="nfs"/>
    <protocol ver='4.1'/>

But the storage pool XML documentation [1] states that :


For a netfs Storage Pool provide a mechanism to define which NFS protocol version number will be used to contact the server's NFS service. The attribute ver accepts an unsigned *integer* as the version number to use.

And indeed, when I try to virsh pool-define I get :

error: Failed to define pool from pool.xml
error: XML error: storage pool protocol ver '4.1' is malformed

How can I specify the desired NFS minor version to libvirt ?

I could mount the NFS share myself and build a dir storage pool on top of it but that's not very pretty.

Thank you,



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