Re: Domain XML and VLAN tagging

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Il 2022-06-16 16:03 Laine Stump ha scritto:
On 6/16/22 3:24 AM, Peter Krempa wrote:
AFAIK it was simply never implemented. There's also an upstream feature
request for this:

When VLAN tagging was first implemented, Linux host bridges didn't
have this capability - the only way to get guest traffic transparently
tagged in that case was by having the bridge attached to a host VLAN
interface rather than directly to the physical ethernet (resulting in
the traffic from all guests attached to the bridge being
tagged/untagged). A few years later support for tagging on individual
host bridge ports was aded to the Linux bridge driver, but there was
never enough push for the feature to get it added to libvirt.

"Patches are welcome" of course!

Thank you both,

Danti Gionatan
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