Re: My Fedora 40 experiences

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On 17/05/2024 13:08, Francis.Montagnac@xxxxxxxx wrote:

On Thu, 16 May 2024 23:04:21 +1000 Stephen Morris wrote:
On 16/5/24 21:33, George N. White III wrote:

Many users have had problems with the akmod-nvida install. For 470xx the
module failed to compile. For newer cards, users sometimes end up with
unsigned drivers. This usually means they rebooted too quickly (during the
window after the module was compiled but before it was signed.).

Or before the depmod done by the postintall of the kmod-nvidia-KERNEL
RPM finishes.

I have had the reboot happen too too quickly before but in this case I
had no control over the reboot process, it happened automatically when
the installs were completed.

Right: more precisely as soon as dnf system-upgrade finishes.

As said earlier on this list:

   I made a proposal to prevent that:

     kmod failed to load after upgrade Fedora using dnf system-upgrade

   still waiting for approval.

This morning 'dnf upgrade' on one of my boxes installed the 470.239.06-2 versions of akmod and kmod, while the other box, having the -1 nersions, said there was 'nothing to do'; then packagekit found them and did a preliminary reboot before install. Both boxes now have the -2 versions installed and running. The process does take several minutes - and I did an "akmods --rebuild --force" just to make sure.

F40 with plasma-workspace-x11 does seem to be working well now for me, and can use vdpau.

John P

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