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> I have a fedora38 server with postfix-3.7.9 (although this problem has
> existed for a long time) that fails to start because I believe the server
> has multiple interfaces.

The issue is that the postfix.service unit has
(which is fine for binding to (or :: for IPv6).  When instead
you want to bind to specific IPs (especially beyond just localhost), it
needs to wait for the entire network to be up, which instead needs to be

Run "sudo systemctl edit postfix.service" and insert these lines:


That's what I was looking for, and thought it would fix it, but alas, it didn't.

> Just to be clear, that isn't multiple interfaces.  That's multiple IP
> addresses on a single interface.  How are those IP addresses configured?
>  What adds them to the interface? 

I believe I added them with nmctl some year(s) ago. I am using all the IPs on this single interface. 

I pasted my ens18.connection file here, but then removed it after I also noticed I had also configured a bridge on this interface some time ago, and it looks like that was (mostly) the cause of the problem. I don't think I need it here anymore, so I'll just remove those config files.

However, sshd still fails to start initially, although it does retry some seconds later and start properly. Is this expected?

May 17 10:59:05 iceman sshd[989]: error: Bind to port 22 on 130.250.NNN.197 failed: Cannot assign requested address.
May 17 10:59:05 iceman sshd[989]: fatal: Cannot bind any address.
May 17 10:59:47 iceman sshd[2321]: Server listening on 130.250.NNN.197 port 22.

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