Re: My Fedora 40 experiences

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On Thu, 16 May 2024 23:04:21 +1000 Stephen Morris wrote:
> On 16/5/24 21:33, George N. White III wrote:

>> Many users have had problems with the akmod-nvida install. For 470xx the
>> module failed to compile. For newer cards, users sometimes end up with
>> unsigned drivers. This usually means they rebooted too quickly (during the
>> window after the module was compiled but before it was signed.).

Or before the depmod done by the postintall of the kmod-nvidia-KERNEL
RPM finishes.

> I have had the reboot happen too too quickly before but in this case I 
> had no control over the reboot process, it happened automatically when 
> the installs were completed.

Right: more precisely as soon as dnf system-upgrade finishes.

As said earlier on this list:

  I made a proposal to prevent that:

    kmod failed to load after upgrade Fedora using dnf system-upgrade

  still waiting for approval.

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